Gift Giving Project

As the Chairwoman of Himmapaan Foundation, I wish the Foundation to engage in a project about gift giving. My grandmother, Alice Sirisant, started the Christmas Gift Giving project in 1915. She was known as “Mrs. Christmas”.

In her journal, he wrote that this activity had started since she was 5 years old. Her first memory of the event was giving the gifts from the back of a train that travelled to remote communities during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910). It was an annual activity that her family offered gifts to the less fortunate children in rural parts of Thailand. She had carried on the tradition until her death and was later referred to as ”Mrs. Christmas “ by the children in the villages where she visited. The gifts consisted of new toys or funny school supplies that were well wrapped. The children in these areas rarely got any thing new or gift-wrapped. The activity made the children feel that the gifts were meant for them and that someone out there was thinking about them.

Therefore, throughout the year and during the holiday seasons, the Himmapaan Foundation would collect different kinds of gifts or funds from kind donors and distribute them to the children in the remote areas where the Foundation is working.

The gift giving project has helped us build a trusting and long term relationship with the community. It has given everyone a sense of integration.

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