Teacher for the Lahu Hill Tribe Children Project

In the words of Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

In the Huay Kub Kab community in northern Thailand, hill-tribe children, who see the value of education, have to walk up and down a mountain each day to attend school.  They are the fortunate ones, for many of their friends in the village do not even have this opportunity.

The Himmapaan Foundation is currently supporting the Teacher for the Lahu Hill-Tribe Children Project, which aims at raising funds to hire a teacher to teach at the Lahu Hill-Tribe Village of Huay Kub Kab in the Mae Tang District of Chiang Mai Province. We invite you to peruse the details of the project and find out what problems these children are facing in their struggle to receive an education.

The Himmapaan Foundation:
Teacher for the Lahu Hill Tribe Children Project

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The Lahu Hill Tribe Community at Huay Kub Kab Village


Population – 200 (120 males, 80 females)
Households – 36
Occupations   – agriculture, labor and tourism

Baan Huay Kub Kab is a small village, where red Lahu hill tribe villagers have been living for the past 30 years since migrating from China. It is one of many small villages in the Mae Tang District in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The village is situated on a mountain top about 1,054 meters above the sea level and 70 kilometers from Chiang Mai city.

A Need for School Teachers

Lahu, painting the kindergarten

The red Lahu community of Baan Huay Kub Kab is in need of teachers.

The village has 12 children (from grade 1 to grade 9), who are attending a school in another village down the mountain. Some of them have to travel daily up and down the mountain on foot for 12 kilometers over rugged terrain. Some have to leave their families and stay at a dormitory during the school week, returning home on the weekends. Their meals and accommodation are partly funded by a local government.

They have one small building dedicated as a learning center in the village but there is no teacher.  Moreover, there are 25 preschool children who do not have the opportunity to go to school. Without proper education and guidance, these little kids are likely to grow up illiterate and risk being exposed to drugs and child trafficking.

Financial Support for the Project

Lahu, building the cement floor

The Baan Kub Kab community is, thus, asking for financial assistance from the Himmapaan Foundation for this project, which will last 5 years, starting from 2012 to 2017. The project consists of 4 main activities as follows:

  • Recruiting and hiring at least one teacher, preferably of Lahu descendant. This includes renovating the village’s learning center building
  • Educational activities to inform the villagers about the importance of education and the positive impacts on their community
  • Recruiting volunteer teachers to look after pre-school children during the school break
  • Providing student scholarships , school-related equipment and vocational training
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