Another Planting Day in Chiang Mai

Himmapaan Foundation, together with Khum Lanna and Khuen Park Community in Chiang Mai, organized a planting day at Khuen Park community, Phrao District, Chiang Mai province on August 12th, which is also Mother’s Day. Hundreds of people from different walks of life, including local people, Hmong villagers, local government officials and volunteers, got together to rebuild degraded forest.

Together, they helped to plant more than 1,300 young trees of 15 different species from a local nursery and the Himmapaan nursery.

Khum Lanna planting day IV

Khum Lanna planting day VIII

Khum Lanna planting day XI

Khum Lanna planting day I

Khum Lanna planting day IX

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