Mae Taeng Forest Restoration Project

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Mae Taeng Forest Restoration Project

Mae Taeng Forest Restoration Project is the first project of the Himmapaan Foundation. Under this project, we will restore degraded forests in parts of Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand.

Himmapaan plans to reforest areas in Mae Taeng District. These areas are popular tourist sites famous for scenic landscapes and such activities as elephant riding, whitewater rafting and trekking. We found that the number of trees and animals in these areas has dwindled rapidly due to deforestation.

Forest Restoration MethodHimmapaan Map (updated on 25 Apr'08)

We work in collaboration with the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU) of Chiang Mai University, whose method of forest restoration is to use framework species that accelerate biodiversity recovery and enhance natural regeneration, creating a self-sustaining forest ecosystem. It is a long and delicate process that involves selecting the sites, preparing the plants, the planting, caring for young trees and monitoring the trees. With the support of FORRU, villagers and local government officials, we recently planted 500 seedlings from 30 species of indigenous forest trees at Muang Gurt Village.

Greener Tourism for Thailand

Mae Taeng Forest Restoration is one of the projects of Himmapaan Foundation whose goal is to support sustainable tourism in areas of Thailand where tourism has had a negative impact on the
environment and local traditions.

Local participation

Himmapaan strongly encourages native people to get involved in the project since we are aware that their participation is critical in preserving the forests. The villagers of Muang Gurt community, for example, took part in the tree planting and are encouraged to look after the trees periodically. Local people also receive some revenue for monitoring the trees and protecting the reforested sites against bush fire.

Visitors’ Experience

There are several ways visitors can choose to take part in this project.

  • Volunteering at the foundation’s tree nursery
  • Helping local people plant the trees
  • Collecting seeds of native plants during the treks
  • Learning about indigenous people, the local ecological system and the forest restoration method from a presentation house located near the project site.

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Since our first venture more than 30 years ago, East West Siam has provided memorable holidays to travelers from all over the world and brought revenue to communities and improved the local economy. However in order to tackle global warming, East West Siam believes that the tourism industry as a whole could serve as an important tool for mass education and a model for global change. Thus, in line with our strong intentions and awareness of responsible and sustainable tourism, we have initiated Himmapaan Foundation and its first project “Mae Taeng Forest Restoration” including carbon offsetting activities in the project area.

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