Green Day in Chiang Mai: The Himmapaan Planting Event

This year, we had more than 300 participants taking part in the Himmapaan Planting Day. They helped to plant more than 2,000 young trees of 34 plant species at a degraded forest land in Mae Tang district, Chiang Mai.

The event took place 20th July near the school of Baan Tub Chang. We had volunteers from different groups of people, including hundreds of Lisu and Akha villagers, Lisu Lodge guests, local volunteers and schoolchildren, expatriates, representatives from our tourism industry partners and government officials. We would like to thank all of them for their participation.

planting site I

The planting site

saplings for the planting day 2013

Saplings ready to be planted

Himmapaan Planting Day 2013_1

Volunteers are picking their plants.

Himmapaan Planting Day 2013_2

Walking up to the planting site

Himmapaan Planting Day 2013_6

Himmapaan Planting Day 2013_9

Himmapaan Planting Day 2013_11

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