Michael Peschardt English Teaching Program at Kiew Karn Village, Lanjia Lodge

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Michael Peschardt, a journalist from the BBC met Asian Oasis founder, Chananya Phataraprasit, two years ago during an interview for his Peschardt’s People program. He learned about Asian Oasis’s sustainable tourism activities at its hill tribe lodges in northern Thailand, a quintessence of community-based Tourism. He was so impressed with the business model that he decided to take time off from his work to visit Lanjia Lodge, one of Asian Oasis’ hill tribe lodges, where he ended up teaching English to hill tribe children at the community school for a month.
He is now working on a project with universities in Australia to find young volunteer teachers  to teach at a community school in the Kiew Karn Village, Chiang Rai Province, where Lanjia Lodge is located. Asian Oasis is planning to provide meals and accommodation for the English teachers during their stay.
Mr. Michael also established a scholarship fund for the students of Kiew Karn Village. The scholarship has been given to five hill tribe students to pay for their tuition fee, uniforms, books and school supplies. Through his generosity and kindness, the program for English teaching and volunteer work has begun.
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