Update of Himmapaan Reforestation Project 2012

We have got new photos of the trees we planted 3 years ago at one of our reforestation sites. We would like to show you how much they have grown since then. It is a good start for the right direction. It also shows how we can make a difference.

Himmapaan planting site (progress)

Young trees at the reforestation project in Chiang Mai. Our sign is covered by green branches.

Himmapaan reforestation site

Checking the height of the trees. It is amazing how fast they have grown for the past three years.

Himmapaan reforstation site (tree hight)

Another photo from the reforestation site

young plants at Himaapaan Foundation nursery

Young plants at the Himaapaan Foundation nursery

young plants at the nursery

These saplings are ready to be planted at the new site.

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