Invitation to Join Himmapaan’s Annual Planting Day 2012

Himmapaan tree planting ceremony

The Himmapaan Foundation’s annual Tree Planting Day will be held again on July 21, 2012. Under the guidance of the Forest Reforestation Research Unit (FORRU), the planting takes place once a year. Seeds collected and saplings grown throughout the year will be planted in the foundation’s designated ground. This year, we intend to plant over 2,000 young trees from 35 species, all of which are grown in our nursery.

Guests of Lisu Lodge, who took part in trekking tours, and local people have collected seeds in the forest since last year. At our nursery in Mae Tang District, our gardener Miss Yupa has cultivated these seeds, with the help from Lisu Lodge visitors, into healthy young trees. Over the past 4 years, the trees planted from our nursery have 97% survival rate. Our plot at Ban Lai Na Village, Muang Keud, is thriving and starts to resemble a young forest. Much of the success comes from the vision and the dedication of Mr. Rachet Wapeetha, our community coordinator, who works tirelessly to ensure the success of our project.

We are currently working on rebuilding the destructed forest areas in Chiang Mai Prvoince, northern Thailand. With the cooperation from the local communities, we believe that their participation is essential, especially to help foster an understanding and a sense of ownership of their environment. That is why we encourage them to take part in this event.

You are invited to join us in this special event. We provide lunch and transportation between Chiang Mai city and the planting ground.

Date of Event: 21 July, 2012
Departure Time: 7 a.m.
Meeting point: Lisu Lodge office, Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai
Planting Ground: Ban Lisu Sri Dong Yen, Moo 5 Tambon Ban Chang, Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai

Please confirm your participation at 081-9803662 or 089-6752444 or This way we can ensure we have enough food and drinks for everyone. For direction to the planting ground, please contact 087-7155086.

If you wish to donate to the Himmapaan Foundation, please contact For those wishing to stay overnight, you can contact Lisu lodge at

We look forward to seeing you on the planting day.

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