Himmapaan: Reforestation Project Progress

Himmapaan Reforestation Project

The Himmapaan reforestation project has since 2008 expanded its planting areas from 2000 square meters to 12,400 square meters in 2011.

table I

The tree planting events have been organized annually in July – a critical time of the year when saplings have the best chance of survival. Participants in the event include villagers, volunteers, tourists and local organizations in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Himmapaan reforestation project: table II

The below table shows the percentage of saplings that have survived and grown into young trees.

Himmapaan reforestation project: table III

Himmapaan II

The Himmapaan reforestation project has replaced vegetation in abandoned woodlands with young saplings, which will grow into strong trees in near future. The table below shows a number of trees and tree species found each year on a planting plot before the start of the project.

Himmapaan reforestation project: table IV

This table shows a number of trees and tree species planted during the span of four years of the project.

Himmapaan reforestation project: table V

Himmapaan I

Depending on the availability of the seeds, the tree species planted are selected by local people. Visitors to the Himmapaan Foundation Project can also choose the tree species they wish to plant.

Below is a list of different tree species, which have been planted at our plots for the past four years.  A variety of tree species correspond to our goal that is to restore degraded forests, rather than create a plantation.

Table (tree species)

The Himmapaan nursery, located about 500 meters from the plots, consists of a greenhouse where seeds are planted in pots and nursed. The seedlings are then moved to an open area adjacent to the greenhouse. Nowadays, the nursery contains 2,338 plants of 52 different species. A visitor center, a presentation room and a toilet facility are built near the nursery.

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